Summer Institute 2017 Pre-Conference

• A View of Collaboration at the School and District LevelStart: 05:42

What is your role in your organization?

duration: 00:02:40
"Central office administrator""Union leader (district level)""School site administrator""Union leader (school site level)""School site staff""Board Member""Other"

       Central office administrator - 20%

       Union leader (district level) - 13%

       School site administrator - 20%

       Union leader (school site level) - 9%

       School site staff - 19%

       Board Member - 8%

       Other - 11%

Start: 05:45

Labor Management Initiative Context

duration: 00:01:01
"My district is new to CA LMI""District is engaged, my school is new""District is engaged, I am new to organiz""Some prior engagement""Not sure"

       My district is new to CA LMI - 11%

       District is engaged, my school is new - 30%

       District is engaged, I am new to organiz - 18%

       Some prior engagement - 39%

       Not sure - 2%

Start: 05:46

Your familiarity with LMI frameworks

duration: 00:01:23
Fullan's Coherence FrameworkDolan's School System StructuresThree Frames of UnionismProfessional Learning CommunitiesResearch on the Impacts of Collaboration
Total: 14.1

       Fullan's Coherence Framework (2.6)

       Dolan's School System Structures (2.3)

       Three Frames of Unionism (2.3)

       Professional Learning Communities (3.6)

       Research on the Impacts of Collaboration (3.3)

Pre-Conference Wrap UpStart: 05:47

Most Important Learning for Me

duration: 06:04:26

Participant Input

  • Daily
  • Ideas
  • Data used to evaluate and enhance initiatives and actions
  • Leadership as a board trustee
  • How time seems to be the variable in getting the work done.
  • Empowerment
  • Familiarize with LMI
  • Meeting other people doing this work
  • Ideas for collaboration
  • Lmi
  • Cohorts as a starting point.
  • Slow and steady
  • Importance of inclusivity of management classified and teachers
  • Listening to Panel's Process
  • Building capacity
  • Building strong teams at the site level is critical
  • Brainstorming, team building, goal setting with our district team
  • Trust between staff members
  • Getting to know the team.
  • Ideas on what other schools district do
  • Broadcasting! Successes, challenges, learning.
  • Action plans for developing communication network district-wide
  • Listening to panel
  • Focus on the why
  • How all 3 entities work together
  • Hearing all sides to get entire view of the elephant
  • Psychological safety
  • Building capacity
  • Classified invovement
  • A learning journey
  • Importance of collaboration between members
  • Goal setting and trust building
  • Value of Collaborating
  • What LMI is and how it's worked in districts who have participated.
  • Defining and streamlining our goals and structures before steamrolling ahead
  • Brain storming team huilding
  • The background of our district's journey with Labor Management Initiative.
  • Building Collaborative Structures
  • Visiting again the frameworks
  • ideas for structures for districts to adopt to further LMI goals. Importance of including classified staff.
  • Learning how LMI works
  • An overview of the process
  • Coherence
  • Seeing all sides of the elephant
  • Communication
  • Understanding functions of the members and how to invite them to the table.
  • Building capacity amongst all stakeholders
  • Final group debrief with MUSD CLMI panel cohort direction.
  • Building relationships and communication are key to our work.
  • Implications of SocialMedia, pro & con. Proud of Scusd- much work to be done.
  • Involvement of classified staff
  • Continued, deepening understanding of successful, collaborative labor-management work
  • Importance of building trusting relationships
  • Listening
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • Student Achievement our main focus!
  • Input from other districts on learning process

Word Cloud

Start: 11:52

What did you like BEST at the Pre-onference?

duration: 00:02:15

Participant Input

  • Panel
  • Everything.
  • SCUSD panel
  • Team time
  • People
  • Discussion time with my own school site team.
  • Santa Clara presentation
  • Networking with people already doing the work
  • Time to work with colleagues
  • Frameworks
  • Hearing from Santa Clara.
  • Time to talk and strategize
  • Overview and team reflections
  • Discussions
  • Listening with other districts are doing.
  • The conversations with other participants
  • Hearing from my staff
  • Collaborating with others
  • Speaking with others
  • Meeting strangers
  • Sharing & learning
  • Time to talk about such big ideas related to our school site
  • Support from Mary and Anne
  • Meeting new people and hearing new turns ngs
  • Idea sharing
  • Hearing from others in the field
  • Reflection time and breakout activities
  • Meeting new people
  • Time to work with my team
  • Time for discussion and planning.
  • Ideas for collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Talking to othet districts. Networking
  • Networking
  • Time to talk, reflect, and make plans with my school team.
  • Team collaboration, including certified and classified staff
  • The background explained why this started and the data that supports this practice.
  • Listening and sharing ideas
  • Collaborating with collegues
  • Listening to a District fully engaged to seek insight
  • Hickey
  • Talking with others and hearing their journe
  • The overview of LMI + the 3 frames of unionism + hearing from others
  • Networking
  • I liked the strategies that we used to engage in discussions with different people.
  • Hearing success stories from other districts
  • Team building
  • Being inspired and immediately having my partner hear to share with
  • Collaboration
  • Listen to voices from the field

Word Cloud

Start: 11:54

Overall rating of Pre-conference

duration: 00:01:16
Usefulness for meImportance for my school /organizationClarity of presentationMy interest in prioritizing this work
Total: 16.8

       Usefulness for me (4)

       Importance for my school /organization (4.5)

       Clarity of presentation (4)

       My interest in prioritizing this work (4.3)

Start: 11:55

Additional thoughts, insights, questions, comments

duration: 00:05:58

Participant Input

  • None
  • More Mike Hickey
  • For those just beginning this journey, it is important to have time to discuss school site issues.
  • More discussion of roll out plan.
  • Mike
  • Thanks for lunch
  • Thank you!
  • Show an example of a collaborative meeting in action
  • How to get buy in from all stakeholders
  • Soggy potato salad
  • Great
  • Networking
  • Hickey
  • Excellent. Appreciate opportunities to talk with district team as well as new colleagues
  • How do we get started?
  • What's for lunch tomorrow?
  • Kevin
  • Be more clear with page numbers and directions for activities - specific examples from panel
  • learning
  • Concrete examples of what has been done was helpful.
  • Looking forward to learning in the next two days
  • Valuable insights for new team members
  • How Classified get really input
  • Interesting
  • Is there a survey program like that can be used to create educator/administrator profiles quickly based on priorities?
  • Why didn't I know about this 10 years ago?
  • Ideas
  • Sharing with critical friends
  • Puzzles
  • Lunch food comida
  • More questions than answers
  • This is great work!
  • Lunch was GREAT!
  • More ideas on how to begin having conversations
  • What's next?
  • Caring people
  • None
  • Collaboration
  • Good presentations that have been thoughtfully planned
  • Appreciate teams hearing same language
  • Learning
  • Appreciation
  • Presenters were great!!
  • Interesting Materials
  • More examples from districts
  • Thank you
  • Networking opportunities
  • Thank you!
  • Networking
  • Support from Mary and Anne
  • Thank you to all funding sources
  • Collaboration is a big theme in this training yet we can't collaborate on google docs because no internet. Please get it for us.

Word Cloud