AASCEND and The Spectrum Works

Agenda Section 1Start: 06:27

What phase of your career journey are you currently in?

duration: 00:02:32
"Career Discovery""Job Search""Job Applications""Job Interviews""Hiring and Onboarding""Career Growth"

       Career Discovery - 24%

       Job Search - 29%

       Job Applications - 18%

       Job Interviews - 0%

       Hiring and Onboarding - 0%

       Career Growth - 29%

Start: 06:30

Rank: What do you need the most help with? (1-Most, 6-Least)

duration: 00:03:30

Start: 06:33

What do you wish employers knew about being #actuallyautistic and/or neurodivergent?

duration: 00:45:13

Participant Input

  • Well I wish I knew during my first interview when I was 16
  • Pass
  • desire to learn, deliberative, analytical, enjou working in small tgroups.
  • I can do most kinds of work, not just specific skills
  • Corporations need to take more responsibility to hire neurodivergent people
  • Usually I’m someone who’s best with one step at a time with something
  • Having to juggle many competing priorities can cause a lot of anxiety.
  • To education employers of individuals on the spectrum.
  • I want to be given clear expectations about what I need to do
  • I wish employers knew about being neurodivergent is very challenging.
  • Higher functioning autistics are more disabled because ofsocial faux pas Michelle Garcia Winner calls them (us) the Unforgiven"
  • I wish employers recognized me for my talents and knowledge.
  • The automation recruiting system used by corporation are not neurodivergent friendly.
  • desire to learn, deliberative, analytical
  • The capacity to hyper focus can often be dependent upon finding a task enjoyable (or at least low-stress).
  • It’s not always easy doing and detailing (or whatever you call it at the same time)!
  • Desire to learn, deliberative, anaytical
  • knowing how to help someone with different learning abilities
  • I want employers to know of my limitation in communication.
  • strong in economics and math
  • Knowing how to be patient and respectful to someone who who is hardworking, but has lots of questions
  • People are afraid to announce their disability until they get into the hiring phase. Then they dont want to ask for any accommodation
  • Knowledgeable in wildlife and conservation. Previously had received training in animal-handling.
  • Knowing that I may need more training, than what they typically offer.
  • Ambiguity during the either process of getting employment or when on the job can be a major challenge.

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